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Oct 30, 2020

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Cambridge IELTS 14 Test 1 Writing Task 1 


The charts display the average proportions of 3 categories of nutrients consumed in typical meals, all of which may be harmful to health if over-consumed.


Overall, while the intake of sodium and saturated fat is higher at dinner than at any other meal, added sugar is eaten most in snacks.


Sodium consumption is highest at dinner and second highest at lunch, making up 43 and 29 percent of  total sodium consumption respectively. The proportions of this type of nutrient taken in at snack time and breakfast are the same, both at 14 percent. Dinner and lunch also account for the largest and the second largest proportions of total saturated fat intake respectively, at 37 and 26 percent. However, a greater proportion is eaten at snack time than at breakfast at 21 and 16 percent respectively.


Compared with the other two nutrients, added sugar has a relatively low consumption level at dinner, at 23 percent. It is snacks that are the greatest source of sugar intake, at 42 percent.  However, like the other nutrients, it is also consumed least at breakfast, at only 16 percent.