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Jun 17, 2020

See the picture here:

1. to have full-time jobs /to work full-time


2. the highest/greatest proportion of /the majority of


3. to work part-time /to have part-time jobs


4. to do full-time postgraduate study


5. did postgraduate study while working part-time /did postgraduate study and also worked part time /did postgraduate study and at the same time had part-time jobs


6. salary brackets/ranges: were in the highest/lowest salary bracket


7. a minimum of x dollars /at least x dollars /no less than x dollars


8. to earn/make between x and y dollars 


9. The pie chart displays what one university's graduating Anthropology students went on to do after completing their degrees, while the table illustrates how much the anthropologists who found jobs earned after 5 years.


Youtube Video: 2 Simple Methods to Paraphrase the Question